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What is an outcast?

Outcasts come in many forms. Some people are outcasts for reasons they have no power over. Just a few examples include people who are outcasts based on their social class or status, people who are outcasts due to skin color, and people who are outcasts for being born into families with bad reputations.

Then there are the other types of people who are outcasts of their own making. I’m specifically referring here to those who have become outcasts through their own bad decision-making. Criminals or those who have caused undue harm or offense to others fall into this category.

Whether they deserve it or not, these people are social outcasts. And something that most, if not all of them, have in common is that they don’t enjoy being outcasts. There is nothing fun about feeling lonely, hopeless, rejected, and cast aside.

The good news, however, is that there is hope available to the outcasts of this world. And that hope is found in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

As one who has walked the walk of being an outcast, largely due to being bullied as a child, I was able to let the outcast mindset melt away when I befriended some Christians who led me to the Lord Jesus Christ. I became part of a loving community who helped me to understand that while I felt lonely and unloved growing up, the God and Creator of all things loved me and wanted me to know Him. And the more I grew to understand and accept that, the sooner I was able to stop thinking like an outcast.

My goal with this blog is to offer the same help I’ve gotten to other people who feel as though they have been cast to the side by society. The more I read the Bible, the more convinced I become that God loves to help the outcasts. From the undervalued orphans and widows who God calls on His servants to care for (James 1:27) to the shame filled prostitute who Jesus forgives and offers peace of mind to (Luke 7:48, 50), you’ll find example after example of God showing great love to those who society either neglects or shuns.

If you’re an outcast due to circumstances you had no say in, God is willing to give you peace and hope. If you are an outcast because of your own mistakes, God is willing to give you a second chance. God loves the outcasts and He can change your life for your good and His glory. If you have ever struggled with feeling like an outcast, come along on this journey towards peace, hope, and acceptance.

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